FELLONI3 - Bi-Colour system, 45 degree, High Output


Manufacturer: Tecpro

Product Code: SYS-TP-LONI3-BIHO

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The Tecpro range is a favourite amongst rental companies - it is known for its superior colour properties and robust build quality. They also offer one of the highest lumen/watt ratios providing the combination of both superior output and longevity on battery. Regardless of model they are all built from robust water resistant material and made to withstand the rigour of the road. Further to that in the unlikely event there are problems local servicing is available both under guarantee and for the longer term.
Felloni3 is a smarter upgraded version of the Felloni2 range with a new front accessory frame. The accessory now sports 4 key holes in each corner, allowing a very attractive soft diffuser and a hard honeycomb to be elegantly attached and locked in place.
The colour quality is now very high with three differently priced ranges based on output and colour (Bi) options. Our brightest model “Turbo” with built in fan is also available.
All the fixtures now come with 45° beam angle and are available in 3 versions: regular output Bi-colour, high output Bi-colour and high output Daylight temperature.
Diffuser panel and honeycomb are available as optional accessories, as well as softbox with grid.
The Tecpro range of fixtures are designed and specified by Dedolight and are guaranteed to include the latest and best quality LED diodes available, ensuring not only high output but consistently high colour quality.

• High CRI; best colour quality in its class
• Lightweight water resistant robust fixture
• Front face attachment points for extra accessories
• Includes mains power supply
• Built-in battery option: V-Lok

System includes:
• TP-LONI3-BIHO: Felloni3 High Output, Bi-Colour 45°
• TP-TURBO-DIFF: Diffusor for Felloni

• Variable Bi-Colour 3200K - 5600K
• Power input: V-Mount (Built into unit) & V-Mount - Mains Transformer + DC input 10V - 16.8V
• Input Current: 50W
• LED Specification: 576 LEDS allowing for a spread source and less specular dazzle
• Size: 30.4cm x 30.4cm x 7.6cm
• Weight: 2kg

• TP-LONI-DIM-DMX - DMX 512 Module (mounts into dimmer slot)
• Wireless dimming module
• TP-SBX50 - universal Softbox for Felloni with 2 diffusers 50x50cm and carrying bag
• TP-SBX60 - universal Softbox for Felloni with 2 diffusers 60x60cm and carrying bag
• TP-SBXG50 - Grid for universal Felloni Softbox 50x50cm
• TP-SBXG60 - Grid for universal Felloni Softbox 60x60cm
• TP-TURBO-HON - Honeycomb for Felloni
• TPSC1 - Single Soft Case
• TPSC3 – 3 head Soft Case
• TPHC3 – 3 Head Hard Case

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