A.S.P.E.C. 10 Point Plan for Reopening Their Businesses

1 Jun


Since the Government issued their latest set of guidelines, the Members of A.S.P.E.C. (Association of Studios and Production Equipment Companies) have found themselves under a degree of pressure to re-open their businesses to production. The realisation dawned that, without camera, grip, lighting and ancillary equipment, any return to meaningful work was nigh on impossible. Therefore, as soon as there was an indication that the lock-down would be eased, the A.S.P.E.C. Membership resolved to begin the process of developing a consistent “Return to Work” strategy.

A decision was taken to construct a consistent “Return to Work” protocol for all the Member Companies by way of sharing of information. The aim was to reach a consensus whereby there would be consistency across the Membership. This would be by way of the development of guidance, risk assessments, protocols, hygiene, sanitisation and the like. Indeed, all the disciplines attendant with attempting to ensure as much confidence and security to the Members’ Customer base as well as their staff within their workplaces.

There have been a series of online meetings of all the Membership, plus sub-committees comprising one for camera, grip, remote systems and one for production lighting companies. The 10 Point Plan for reopenning can be viewed here:

ASPEC 10 Point Plan