One of the original grip manufacturers from Hollywood – renowned for their innovation and design. Matthews today continue a long established reputation for making the best lighting grip equipment as well as setting the standards for reflectors, fabrics, scrims and many of the standard grip accessories used on all types of production from film to the stills photographic studio. The grip equipment available from Matthews is demonstrably better, even the standard griphead with its serrated jaws and can be used to hold up to four times the weight of a standard griphead. This is just one of the professional grip tools available.

Dating back to 1968 Matthews are the innovators for some most recognisable grip equipment to the day.  The spring loaded c-stands grew to be the standard, as did the combo (combination) stand. Roller stands, scissor track, collapsible overhead frames, beefy baby stands, junior and senior stands, Doorway dollies, camera mounts, and other rigs were all being developed and improved upon. Matthews were honored with two awards for technical achievement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and one from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Awards: Academy Awards for technical achievement