At Cirro Lite we have an extensive stock of Rental Equipment.

We stock the whole Kino Flo range including the latest Select, FreeStyle, Celeb and the Diva-Lite LED.

With Luminy’s / Lightning Strikes we have the largest stock outside of Los Angeles and hire throughout Europe.             

This stock includes Lightning Strikes from 8K Paparazzi, 35K Fire Fly’s, 40K Linear and Parabolic, 70K and 250K Linear Lightning Strikes. To power these Lightning Strikes when power is an issue we have the 70KW and 500KW Thunder voltz Battery packs.

We also have their renowned Soft Suns, both 100 KW and the 3.6 KW.

For High Speed continuous DC output flicker-free applications we have the 99KW Long Strike and the 30KW Lab Lite.

Cirro Lite have the complete Dedolight range of kits from the 100w 4 Head kits through to the 400D  Daylight HMIs. As Dedo introduce their LED versions these are drafted into the rental inventory. Currently we have the DLED4 Kits in both Daylight and Bi Colour.

From Light Tools we have their Soft Egg Crates, 6’ x 6’ , 8’ x 8’ and the 12’ x 12’ to complete the range.

The Cirro Mist Systems, the CS6 Strata and the Cirrus AMS3, both use the Cirrus system to produce the finest mist available.


Rental Stock Pricelist