V360 Pro Print Viewing Lamp


Manufacturer: Fiilex

Product Code: FLXV360P

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Versatile Viewing Lamp

The V360 is an extremely versatile LED task lamp designed for professionals who require color-critical illumination.

The V360 draws 90W of power to produce LED output greater than a traditional 300W bulb. Its color temperature can be adjusted from 2800-6500K, which covers the standard D65 (6500K), D50 (5000K), Middle Warm (4000K), and Warm (3000K) settings. The color rendering is carefully calibrated at all settings, giving the light an average CRI of 96. The fixture is also dimmable from 100-0%, with accurate light quality maintained throughout the intensity range.

The V360’s custom-balanced extension arm and carefully engineered ergonomics allow the light head to be precisely positioned for maximum utility. When extended the arm can reach over three feet in any direction.

Fiilex also offers a variety of optional V360 accessories. These include magnetic light shapers to modify the V360’s output and a base adapter for easy mounting on rolling light stands.

  • 2800 - 6500K continuous CCT tuning
  • 300W tungsten output (90W draw)
  • High CRI values at every color temperature
  • Does not emit UV light/radiation
  • Dims to 0% without flicker or color shift
  • Precise color calibration for consistent quality
  • OLED display for monitoring settings
  • Quiet and cool to the touch
  • Water and dust resistant (IP-24)
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Versatile mounting
  • Optional light modifiers available
Beam Angle: 60° (33° with 2" Fresnel)
CCT Range: 2800-6500K Continuous Tuning
CRI: 96 Typical
Dimming: 100% - 0% Flicker Free
LED: Dense Matrix LED
Power Draw: 90W Max
Input Power: 12-30V DC
Power Adapter: 100-240V AC, 50~60Hz
DMX Control: 2-CH (Intensity, CCT) via TRRS Ports
Display Type: OLED
Weight: 7.5lb / 3.4kg
Light Size (L x W x H): 14.0cm x 10.2cm x 12.0cm (5.5in x 4.0in x 4.7in)
Arm Size:
Fully Extended: 91.9cm (36.2in)
Base: W8.1cm x H19.3cm (W3.2in x H7.6in)
Mount Style:
Table Mount (0 - 2.8in Gap)
Base Adapter (Fits Baby 5/8". & Junior 1-1/8". Studs)
Thermal Design: Advanced Vapor Cooling System (Fan Cooled)
Acoustic Noise: 22.7dB (Professional Recording Studio Level)
Operating Temperature: 0-40º C (32-104ºF)
Items included:
(1) V360 Light Head
(1) 90W AC/DC Power Adapter

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