Tungsten Soft Light Head, 100W/150W


Manufacturer: Dedolight

Product Code: DLH1x150S

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Don't let the small size and low wattage deceive you!

Because of the high light output of the low voltage lamp, it performs well as an interview soft key or fill light.

This soft light uses the same power supplies as the focusing DLH4 light head. 
When used with a 12 volt lamp it will also work with battery power.

Adjustable speed ring adapts to many soft boxes in seconds: 
• Ø 90 mm for Dedoflex mini soft box (DSBSXS)

• Ø 130 mm for small (DSBSS) and medium (DSBSM) size Dedoflex domes should a larger diffusion surface be desired.

You can also use the DLH1x150S with:

• Halfblue Outer Conversion Baffle (DSBSXS-FD-CTB1/2) for Softbox Mini - DSBSXS 

• Halfblue Inner Conversion Baffle (DSBSXS-ID-CTB1/2) for Softbox Mini - DSBSXS


• Halfblue Conversion Baffle (DSBSS-FD-CTB1/2) for Softbox Small - DSBSS

• Fullblue Conversion Baffle (DSBSS-FD-CTB) for Softbox Small - DSBSS

Weight: 600 g (1.3 lbs)
Max. wattage: 150W
Mounting: To any 16 mm (5/8") stud

DLH1x150S Photometrics


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