Sheet Plate Adapter Kit


Manufacturer: Matthews

Product Code: 999052

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Build Distancing Dividers Fast

Here’s a great solution for one of today’s on-set and real world issues. The new Sheet Plate Adapter kit makes it easy to quickly build custom dividers to protect against virus transmission, plus it comes in handy when you least expect it, to save the day with a convenient holding solution for standard grip equipment.

MSE’s new Sheet Plate Adapter Kit is a versatile bracket mounting solution that securely adds a welded 3/8” pin to any sheet material such as plexiglass, plywood, lauan, Masonite or a variety of fabrics like vinyl plastic creating safe on set barriers that can be sanitized.  Two 3” steel plates sandwich the material via four bolts, providing an extremely solid connection.

Small but mighty, the Sheet Plate Adapter Kit is a real problem solver for camera protection, custom light modification, and set building.

Kit includes one plate with 3/8" pin, one backing plate, 4 bolts, and 4 nylon locking nuts.

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