The MQ Mount


Manufacturer: Matthews

Product Code: 420114

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The MQ Mount is designed to securely hold T-12 LED fixtures with minimal or no light loss. The mount terminates to an industry standard 3/8” pin which can be used with any industry grip head. The 3/8” pin is knurled to prevent unwanted rotation and is internally tapped ¼”-20 to expand its length and rigging capabilities. – Patent Pending

Note: True T-12 is measured 1.5" in diameter. We are not responsible for those light tube manufacturers that have gone beyond spec of 1.5" in diameter.

  • Jaws designed for T-12 LED light tubes
  • Knurled 3/8” pin compatible with all grip heads, including 2.5”, 4.5”, mini and microgrip heads.
  • Tapped ¼”-20 pin for expanded rigging and expanded length.  
  • Manufactured from lightweight, high impact plastic and aluminum parts.
  • Patent Pending

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