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Manufacturer: Matthews

Product Code: 415168

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Set up with the Matthews Camera Mount Systems is quite easy and after just a few tries you will be able to palce any camera, in any position, in just 5-10 minutes with excellent stability and crisp images. As with any situation where the camera is mounted to a moving vehicle, Matthews recommends that you always use auxiliary straps (not included in the system) to secure your camera for safety purposes.

Matthews' Car Mount Systems integrate the new MICROgrip technology along with the recently introduced Matthews family of Ball Heads to provide the professional camera person a very strong, versatile and reliable system for mounting cameras to automobiles, trucks, boats, trains and even low-flying airplanes. 26lbs / 12kg Capacity

(1) BH-20 w/Dove Tail Plate & 6" Suction Cup
(2) 6" Cup with 5/8" pin
(1) Hot Shoe Adapter
(1) 8" Micro Grip Rod
(2) 20" Micro Grip Rod
(2) Mini Grip Heads
(2) Micro Grip Heads
Carrying Bags

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