Felloni Turbo Power Station for two V-Lock batteries


Manufacturer: Tecpro

Product Code: TPS-2V

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The TPS-2V power station takes two V-lock batteries (each 14.4V). It combines for regulated 24V output. Cameras, lights, mobile editing devices, monitors and other equipment can be used up to power consumptions of 240W (24V, 10Amp).

In order to achieve the best possible performance, batteries with equal capacity and equal charge status should be used. The larger the battery capacity, the better the performance.

Comes without cable.

  • Robust metal housing
  • Passive cooling
  • Suitable for all batteries with V-lock
  • LCD indicator for control of output voltage: 24.5 V, +/-5 V in offload, +/-1.2 V under full
  • 2-channel low-voltage warning with LED:
    red LED = over- or under-voltage
    green LED = everything okay
    green LED blinks = battery power starts to fail
  • 3pin XLR output
    (Pin 1 minus Pin 2 plus)
    24 VDC, 10 Amp (240 W max.)
  • Integrated V-mount battery receptacles for compact size
  • The robust hexagon metal stud allows fixation with standard clamps on a lighting stand
DC Input: 12-17V
DC Output: 24.5V
Outlet: 3pin XLR connector
Max. load: 10A, 240W
Size: 150 x 73 x 220 mm (including hexagon metal stud)
Weight: 1.10 kg with hexagon metal stud

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