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Project completion date

November 2020

Project Brief

To design the lighting for Virtual Reality studio using the existing green screen setup. Only the lighting for the screen and floor is needed and the customer intends to use their existing keys and fills.

The lighting must have very good colour rendering, be very even and output has to be constant at any given colour temperature.


The lighting has to be very even, but the fixtures should not take too much space in the grid or obstruct the VR cameras that will be rigged around the edges of the studio.

The light output has to be even when tuning the colour temperature


We discussed various options and concluded that the custom designed LEDCloud system would work the best in the proposed space.

The client wanted to have the best quality colour available, so we opted for bi-colour Kino Flo LED chips for our light source. Kino Flo have one of the best colour management technologies currently available. They use their own phosphor blend formula which ensures all the LED chips are matching.

In order to keep the constant output when tuning the colour temperature, we had to design a dedicated control system. We achieved this by developing a custom software that takes the input values from DMX controller and converts them to corrected data that is sent to the power supplies.

LEDCloud system is controlled wirelessly via iPad app as requested by the client. We created separate DMX zones in order to adjust the lighting in separate areas of the studio, for example more output on the walls and less on the floor when needed. This way the operator can adjust the lighting according to the shoot specifics and in conjunction to any other lighting that they might add to the grid.

The finished lighting system produced very even and clean light without hot spots. Due to the large size of the light sources, there are hardly any shadows around the subject. The total light output is very high which allows to match it to any additional lighting. The output is constant from 2700K to 6500K as required.