24V Dual V-Lock adapter with Spigot Mount


Manufacturer: Kino Flo

Product Code: XE-75

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The battery plate to power the Kino Flo LED fixtures with two V-Lock batteries.

XE-75 mounts onto 16mm C-stands and Kino Flo fixture attaches to the XE-75, thus keeping any unnecessary weight separate from the fixture, allowing free movement of the light head if required. 

Weight: 635g
Input: 33.6v (2x V-Mount Batteries)
Input Connection: 2x V-Mount Batteries
Output: XLR3 20-28Vdc
Wiring: 1 = Gnd 2 = PWR
Width: 14.8cm
Depth: 5.6cm
Height: 8.6cm
Height incl Spigot: 15.5cm

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