StarLite OctoDome Kit


Manufacturer: Photoflex

Product Code: FV-SLSODKT

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Our OctoDome nxt is designed to be used with the StarLite continuous light source.
Accepts tungsten or compact flourescent lamps. 1000watt maximum. Videographers and still photographers will appreciate this versatile and dependable lighting tool for a variety of studio and location assignments. Built-in swivel with handle makes it easy to quickly adjust light. TransPac GigBag facilitates easy packing and transport.

- Low profile saves studio space.
- The tilt swivel allows quick, easy adjustments to direction of light source
- Brimstone® Fabric - high-heat resistant, will withstand up to 400°F without burning
- Works with continuous or strobes lights.
- Inner baffle eliminates hot spots.
- Face diffuser for soft, even light output.
- Inner baffle and face diffuser are removable for high-contrast lighting
- Accepts our Small OctoDome Grids (AC-ODGRIDS / available separately) for directional light control
- LiteStand extends to 8 feet, 2 inches; thick, oversized aluminum tubing provides superior strength under heavy loads; bolted joints make parts replacement quick and simple

Kit contents:
- 3 foot OctoDome nxt
- StarLite QL with standard components
- Lamps (1-500w; 1-1000w)
- LS2214 stand
- Case

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