Power Supply 1 x 24 V / 150 W (230VAC)


Manufacturer: Dedolight

Product Code: DT24-1

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The DT24-1 power supply provides 24V at 150 W which results in 80 % more light output in comparision to the 12 V/100 W power supply.

Weight: 710g (1.5lbs)
Input: Three versions for world wide use
  • DT24 -1E (230/240V AC input)
  • DT24 -1U (120V AC input)
  • DT24 -1J (100V AC input)
Output: 0V-24V/150W max.
Controls: Variable function switch for:
  • ~ 3400 K (maximum output)
  • ~ 3200 K
  • Continuous dimming from maximum to minimum

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