DLH200SDT Daylight / Tungsten Soft Light


Manufacturer: Dedolight

Product Code: DLH200SDT

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Single function light head exclusively for use with four different types of soft boxes.

Since the actual light source is placed in the focal center of the soft box, the light output is approximately two times the light output in comparison to a soft box mounted on the front of a Fresnel light.

A hot spot is normally encountered when using a soft box on a Fresnel light. The light distribution of the DLH400S with all the mentioned soft boxes is perfectly even and homogenous.

Operates with DEB200DT ballast.

Lamp: DL200DHR-NB daylight, DL200THR-NB tungsten ceramic
Dimming: 200W-100W (daylight), 200W-100W (tungsten ceramic) [no noticeable change in colour]
UV: Double UV protection
Cable: DPOW200DT, 7m (23')
Mounting: 16mm (5/8") receptacle
Weight: 1500g (3.3 lb)

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