DLH1000SPLUS - Tungsten Soft Light


Manufacturer: Dedolight

Product Code: DLH1000SPLUS

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The DLH1000SPLUS is a 1000 W halogen soft light similar to the DLH1000S but fitted with a larger mounting yoke which allows the use of larger soft boxes.

Features eight receptacles to accept the Dedoflex octodome.

This light is ideal for drama productions or large sets requiring a broad soft source.

The DLH1000SPLUS can be used as the tungsten companion to the DLH400S daylight version.

When a smaller size or packaging is required, please see DLH1000S.

Features the same adjustable speed ring as DLH1000S. 
Diameter changeable in four steps: 150 mm (5,9 “), 170 mm (6,69”), 190 mm (7,48“) or 210 mm (8,26 “).

Weight: 1200 g (2.6 lb.) 
Lamp: see lamp table 
Cable length: 3 m (9.8’) 
Mounting: 16 mm (5/8 “) two axis receptacle and 28 mm (1 1/8 “) stud 
Safety: Protective glass tube 
ON/OFF: In line switch Socket: GX9.5

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