40K Lightning Strike


Manufacturer: Luminys

Product Code: 40K-L

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40,000 watts of creative explosive power

Beyond Strobe!

This Lightning Strikes unit uses the patented LS control system that is designed to create realistic undulating bursts of light for camera. Whether being used for "Lightning Strikes", Explosions or even sparks off a train track - the easily selected patterns provide realistic simulation of short burst unstable light sources as found in nature or explosions.

The units can be run off a simple hand held device or via DMX.  There are also a number of custom controllers for high speed syncing and effects.

Please look at our battery options if remote power is required

The light provides nearly 100° horizontal beam for wide spread coverage, this original design has been used on thousands of films, commercials, music videos, and concerts worldwide for over a decade. Available in traditional linear and focusable linear heads. 

Realistic Effects tuned to camera

Multiple control options

Battery Power options

Colour Correct Daylight


Dimensions 29” x 12” x 9”

Weight 30 lbs.

Shipping Weight 80 lbs.

Light Output 40,000 watts Color Temperature 5600° Kelvin

Volts AC (50/60hz) 208 - 250

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