DLED2-BI - 3 Light Micro Kit - BICOLOR AC/DC


Manufacturer: Dedolight

Product Code: SLEDM3x0Z-BI

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Dedolight Micro Kit - 3 Light LED Bi Colour Soft/Hard Kit

Compact Micro Kits – small but creative
This kit provides all the elements needed to craft good quality three dimensional images in a very compact package – with some great accessories that add to your ability to create compelling images.

Traveling light means you need to select your kit with care, this kit allows you to use the techniques normally associated with larger lighting kits but in a much more compact package. The kit is designed to work off batteries and mains and comes fully kitted with both options. It also comes with both soft box and projector for the Dedo LED maximising the versatility of this kit.

Added Creativity
This kit includes the DLED2 from the much acclaimed stable of Dedolight LED fixtures, these LEDs offer a unique amount of control and flexibility, equipped with his outstanding optic, it displays punch and versatility.

powerful & versatile
Dedolight have combined their award winning optical system with their own colour correct LED technology to come out with yet another beautifully engineered award winning lighting fixture. Certainly the best in class!
• Colour correct LED 20w source
• Continuous dimming with no color shift.
• With remote electronics and 16 mm (5/8") stand fitting
• Passive cooling (No Fan)
Dedolight Patented Aspheric Optics in combination with specially developed LED light sources in daylight and bicolour variations. For use as a multi-functional and versatile interview, drama and documentary light, for accents and special effects.

DEDO Projector Accessory
Included in this kit is a favourite accessory designed to help you create sunlight, back ground break ups and a multitude of effects. This gives an element of creative freedom and really allows you to start “painting” with light.

Bi Colour LED
The equipment in this kit is Bi colour –The DLED2 is equipped with Dedolights proprietary LED source ensuring great colour rendition.

3 x DLED2-BI Focusing 20W LED bicolor light head with 16mm (5/8")
3 x DLED2-BS Battery holder SONY NP-F (DLB-NPF950 recommended)
3 x DBDS8 Standard 8-leaf barn door for DLED2 light heads
1 x DP1S Universal projection attachment/imager for DLED2 LED light heads.
1 x DPL60M Imager lens, 60 mm, f 2.4
1 x DPGHS Holder for steel gobos (dedolight "S-size")
1 x DPGSETS Gobo set for DP1S imagers
2 x DLED2-SBX Soft box for DLED2 LED light heads
2 x DLSR60 Speedring for DLED2 soft box, fits DLED2 accessory slot
3 x DLPS12-30 AC power supply 12V / 30W / 2.5A, incl. EU/USA/UK/AUS input connector set
3 x DLPS12-EXT5 Extension cable for 12V power supply, 5m long
3 x DLB-NPF950 7.4 V Li-Ion battery 43.2 Wh (6000 mAh)
3 x DLCH-NPF Charger for NP-F batteries, input 100 - 240 V AC
1 x DSCS Soft case, small
1 x SDSTM3 Extra stand kit with 3x DSTM, 2x DSTFX40 and soft bag

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