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Manufacturer: Fiilex

Product Code: FLXP3CLR

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The P3 Color is a portable 90W LED fixture that packs a ton of features into its compact two pound frame. The P3´s white light output ranges from 2000 - 10000K with excellent CRI, and its various color control modes allow users to access the full range of vibrant RGB illumination. At the core of the P3 is Fiilex´s patented Dense Matrix LED, which is an extremely small light source capable of producing crisp shadows and clean barndoor cuts. Accessory attachments can diffuse or focus the P3´s output. No other portable LED fixture can match the P3´s combination of power, size, and versatility.

• High-CRI white light output (2000-10000K)
• Dims to 0% with no flicker or color shift
• IP-X5 Rating (water-resistant)
• Easy PSU / battery mounting on yoke
• Removable yoke for versatile rigging
• Additional 8 and 16 bit color modes: HSI, Effects, CCTRGBW, Gels, CIExy, etc.
• Calibrated for accurate output at any color / intensity setting
• Light intensifying / diffusing accessories available
• XLR DMX Adapter yoke attachment available

Beam Angle: 60° (20° with fresnel accessory)
CCT Range: 2000-10000K continuous tuning + magenta/green shift
CRI / TLCI: 95 / 90 typical
Control Modes: CCT, HSI, RGBW, Gel, Effects, CIExy, CCT + HSI, CCT + RGBW, etc.
Dimming: 100% - 0% flicker free
Dimming Modes: Smooth, Sharp
Max. Power Draw: 90W AC | 80W DC
BTUs/hour: 307 (BTUs/hour) max
DC Input: 14 - 30V DC
AC Input: 100 - 240V AC, 50 ~ 60Hz
DMX/RDM Port: TRRS (XLR-5 DMX Adapter accessory available)
Weight: 0.9kg (2.0lbs)
Size (L x W x H):  11.9cm x 14.2cm x 20.6cm (4.7" x 5.6" x 8.1")
Mount Type: Baby stud 5/8'' female (16mm)
IP Rating: IP-X5 (water-resistant)
Thermal Design: Advanced vapor cooling system (fan cooled)
Operating Temperature: 0-40º C (32-104ºF)
Items Included:

(1) P3 COLOR Fixture
(1) 90W Power Adapter
(1) P3 Barndoor
(1) 6’ DC Extension Cable

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