K301 Three-Light Kit (3x P360PP)


Manufacturer: Fiilex

Product Code: FLXK301PP

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The K301PP Light Kit is designed with intended use as a three light interview or traditional three point light kit. It gives you the flexibility you need to match any ambient color temperature, or to warm up a scene for added depth. Fiilex’s patented color tuning technology allows you to comfortably walk into any lighting environment feeling prepared, knowing you have the tools for just about any job that comes your way. Complete in a rolling travel case, the kit comes with three P360PP color tunable light heads, power adapters, barndoors, light stands, softbox and a speedring.

  • 1050 Watts of Combined Equivalent Output
  • Lightweight, Compact & Easy for Travel
  • Designed to Comply with Most Airlines Carry-On Sizes
  • Molded-In Padlock Holes (Fits standard size Masterlocks®)
  • Zippered Pouch for Storage of Accessories
  • Automatic Pressure Purge System
  • Plastic Non-Corrosive Locks
  • Compatible with Broadcast Batteries via an Optional Adapter
P360 Features:
  • 350W Equivalent Output (Tungsten) - Draws 90W
  • 2800-6500K Continuous Tuning
  • Full Spectrum Light Quality
  • Dimming (100% - 0%)
  • Flicker Free
  • Point Source for Easy Beam Shaping
  • Does Not Emit UV Light/Radiation
  • DMX Controllable (3-channels: Intensity, CCT, Hue)
  • IP-24 Water Resistant
  • OLED display
  • ± 0.25 Green Hue adjustment
  • Mechanical Mount with Magnetic Locking for Accessories
Case Size
60.9cm x 40.6cm x 25.6cm (23.96" x 16" x 10.10")
Kit Weight
16.3kg (36 lbs.)
Light Stand Length (closed)
53.4cm (21” inches)
Light Stand Max Height (extended)
2.13 Meters (7 ft)
Case Warranty
Lifetime from Manufacturer - (Seahorse)
Items Included:
(3) P360PP Light Heads
(3) Size 2 Barndoors
(3) 90W - AC/DC Power Adapters
(3) Light Stands
(1) Softbox 15”x15”
(1) Speedring for Softbox
(1) Rolling Travel Case
(1) User Manual

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