Select/Diva LED 30 Snapbag w/ Grid Cloth, Half


Manufacturer: Kino Flo

Product Code: DFS-SL30S

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Kino Flo Lighting Systems has added another layer of light control refinement with a pair of new softbox products tailor-made
for Select LED and Diva-Lite LED fixtures. DoPchoice® of Munich has created the Snapbag and the Snapgrid light controls that mount snuggly and easily on Kino Flo's portable LED softlights. No special mounting rings or extra mounting accessories are required. The Snapgrid louver, a featherweight fabric butterfly, attaches to the front of the softbox to control the spread of light without black flags or cutters. 

The award-winning DoPchoice softboxes and fabric grids earn kudos from gaffers and cinematographers for their compact, portable and durable designs. The Snapbag and Snapgrid for Select LED’s and Diva-Lite LED’s are ideal for lighting up to
8ft by 8ft of set space.


The Snapbag is easy to install and sets up in a snap. The lightweight fabric slips over the fixture and is attached with straps.  
The reflective material instensifies the soft light.  The removable grid cloth attaches to the inside with Velcro.

Contents :

  1 Grid Cloth, Half  
  1 Carry Bag

Installed Size:
108 x 49.5 x 23cm (42.5 x 19.5 x 9”)
Weight: 1 kg (2 lb)

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